Si informa la gentile clientela che il Bed & Breakfast Jacaranda è chiuso ed è in vendita, sia come struttura turistica che come ville residenziali con incluso il giardino. Per info contattare il numero + 39 347 9471188 dalle ore 17:30 sino alle 19:30

We inform our kind clients that the Bed & Breakfast Jacaranda is now for sale, either as a tourist structure or as residential villas, garden included. For more information please contact us at the following telephone number + 31 650 962482 preferably from 10:30 to 14:30 pm.

Graag informeren wij onze klanten dat de Bed & Breakfast Jacaranda nu te koop is. Te gebruiken als toeristisch object en ook als vrijstaande villa's inclusief tuin. Voor meer informatie kunt u contact met ons opnemen via het volgende nummer +31 650 962482 bij voorkeur tussen 10:30 tot 14:30 uur.
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The Jacaranda is the biggest tree in our garden, with its flower Cluster Wistaria color and the huge mushroom - shaped foliage. You can peacefully lie down underneath its shadow during the hot summer days.

There that is named our B&B, although the flowers of Jacaranda are not the only ones to liven up and interrupt the continuity of the lawn in front of our building complex. Hydrangeas, roses, gardenias, jasmines, camellias make our garden vivacious and cheerful, like multicoloured butterflies which dance, blown by a gentle wind.

The B&B, among the most modern and luxurious of all Sicily, has a place in a residential area, only 5 minutes from Sciacca, mainly consisting of villas in the country, far from typical noises of the city, in a full of tranquility, ideal ingredient for the intellectual and physical relaxation.

The B&B as a loft, contains different spheres: It offers working or studying spaces, corners for reading and resting around the fireplace by the entrance - hall. It is a wide open-space which develops around a courtyard. It constantly integrates to the meadow and, from the inside, frames nice views towards the sea and the Kronio hill.

On the outside instead, the B&B is provided with a big terrace, where sun-chairs are lined up in front of the lawn. It is a place where to relax, having a cool drink, possibly in the afternoon, when the summer heat becomes more tolerable. Apart from it, there is also a small area with a pergola for those who prefer to have some privacy.

We invite you to come and taste our typical Sicilian breakfast, rich flavors of our unique produce completed under the sun, the fresh squeezed orange juice from the trees of our garden, the freshly made pastries, croissants with cream lemon, different kinds of biological jams, apple pies and ricotta and something else ...

In our B&B there is also a large car park.

chi siamo

chi siamo

chi siamo

chi siamo

chi siamo
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